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Industrial Flash Dryer

The industrial flash dryer is a new type of continuous drying equipment integrating drying, pulverizing and sieving. It is especially suitable for the drying of filter cake, paste and muddy materials. The quality of the dried product has a lot to do with the drying temperature, wind speed, air volume and breaking speed. It consists of a heater, a feeder, a stirring and crushing system, a drying main pipe, a fan, and the like.
The industrial flash dryer is cut into the bottom of the dryer by hot air and is driven by a stirrer to form a powerful rotating wind field. The material enters the dryer by the screw feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating stirring paddle, the material is dispersed under the action of impact, friction and shearing force. The bulk material is quickly pulverized, fully contacted with hot air, heated and dried.
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The gas velocity is high and the material residence time is short, which effectively prevents the material from sticking to the wall and the heat sensitive material from deteriorating, and can be dried into a uniform powder product at one time, eliminating the steps of crushing and sieving.
It is equipped with a step ring and a swirling sheet, and the material fineness and final moisture are adjustable. The special air separation device reduces the resistance of the equipment and effectively improves the uniformity of the material.
A special cooling device and a pneumatic seal are installed at the bottom to prevent the material from deteriorating in the high temperature zone at the bottom.
It can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, and ensure the moisture content and fineness of the product are uniform by adjusting the feeding, hot air temperature and classifier.
The dried materials are carried by the airflow into the dust collection system for collection and treatment, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.
The exhaust gas is evacuated by the induced draft fan to complete the entire drying process.
Applicable Material:
Materials such as paste, mud, filter cake, etc., plate and frame filter or centrifuge dewatering materials. Such as:
Inorganic: calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, iron oxide, various heavy metal salts, synthetic cryolite, etc.
Organic substances: pesticides, pesticides, bactericidal Dan, etc.
Ceramic: kaolin, clay, etc.
Dyes: butyric acid, zinc sulfide, various nitrogen dye intermediates.
Food: soy protein, starch, distiller's grains, wheat sugar, etc.