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Tube Bundle Dryer

The tube bundle dryer was developed by Jiangsu Grand for many years, and the successful product is a large continuous tube bundle drying equipment. It absorbs the advantages of conventional tube bundle dryers and has a certain improvement on their basis.
The tube bundle dryer operates in a countercurrent mode, and can also adopt a downstream heating method according to requirements. It has the advantages of low heat consumption, wide range of dry materials, large processing capacity, large amount of water evaporation and drying of high moisture materials. And the material is dried in the closed cavity under negative pressure, the working environment is clean, no pollution, and the noise is small.
Its design adopts the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation. The material fiber feeding spiral enters the dryer, and fully contacts with the drying tube under the stirring action of the shovel outside the rotating tube bundle of the casing, so that the water is evaporated. It is widely used in light industry, chemical industry and other industries with different specific gravity, viscosity, water content, granular, fibrous, powdery loose materials.
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It has sufficient heat transfer, low heat consumption, high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of dry materials, large processing capacity, large water evaporation, and can dry high moisture materials.
Driven by variable frequency motor, the power consumption is more than 30% less than the traditional tube bundle.
The tube bundle dryer has fewer additional supporting equipments, small floor space and compact process layout, which can be placed in a single-storey factory building, which greatly saves civil construction costs.
The material was thoroughly mixed in the drum and there was no residual material.
Since the heat exchange tube does not bear the torque when the drum rotates, the risk of cracking and leakage of the weld seam due to the transmitted torque of the heat exchange tube is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is greatly improved.
The barrel life can be multiplied by the same degree of wear and corrosion.
It can be operated continuously, with high degree of automation or intermittent operation, suitable for special processes.
Corn starch industry: dry germ, dried protein powder, dried fiber, dried corn feed, etc.
Alcohol industry: dry alcohol and distiller's feed.
Beer industry: dry beer grains.
Extraction industry: pretreatment of soybeans, treatment of sunflower seeds, treatment of rapeseed, treatment of other oilseeds.
Chemical and plastics industry: drying all kinds of raw material products.
Wood industry: dry wood chips.
Other industries.