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High-speed Mixer

The high-speed mixer is a device that forces liquid and gaseous media to convect and evenly mix. Its agitation enables the raw material to be uniformly mixed uniformly, does not affect the quality of the product, and does not easily cause the polymer to stick to the wall, so that the polymerization operation of the mixer does not proceed well.
The high-speed mixer is composed of a stirring shaft, a stirring blade, a base and a driving device. When the raw water and the coagulant or coagulant liquid flow through the mixing tank, a flow cycle is generated under the action of the liquid discharging of the mixer, so that the coagulating agent and the water are quickly and thoroughly mixed to meet the requirements of the coagulation process. The liquid seal structure of the paddle stirrer is simple, and there is no part that directly contacts the drive shaft to cause friction. Moreover, the processing of its fine sealing parts ensures that the gap between the cylindrical housing or the stationary element and the rotating element meets the design requirements.
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High production efficiency, hydraulic lifting, flexible frame rotation.
When stirring and dispersing, the air is occluded very little, so that the material dissolves quickly and the particles become smaller.
Compact structure, small footprint, large processing capacity and low energy consumption.
Installation, operation, and maintenance costs are low.
A certain mixing intensity can be achieved within the required mixing time to meet the requirements of fast, uniform and sufficient mixing speed.
The head loss is small, and it can adapt to the change of water quantity to suit the water plant of various water quantities.
The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, easy operation and high stirring efficiency.
This high-speed mixer is especially suitable for high-volume production and is suitable for products suitable for mixing starch in small starch processing plants.