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Double Screw Paddle Mixer

The Double Screw Paddle Mixer is a device that forces liquid and gaseous media to convect and evenly mix. The two-blade paddle mixer achieves the goal of producing a good volume flow. And after all the submersible mixers are dispatched, the equipment is running normally, the power consumption and load capacity can meet the requirements, and there is no abnormal sound and vibration.
The Double Screw Paddle Mixer consists of a motor as the prime mover, agitating pump connected to its output shaft, and an impeller mounted on the agitator shaft. The speed reducer body is connected to the agitation vessel through a bracket or bottom plate. When there is pressure inside the container, the agitator shaft should pass through the bottom plate and enter the container with a sealing device. The packing is usually sealed or mechanically sealed. The impeller can create fluid velocity and fluid shear to prevent solids from precipitating and can break up bubbles or insoluble droplets.
As a professional manufacturers of double screw paddle mixer, Jiangsu Grand warmly welcome you to shop quality and durable double screw paddle mixer for sale with us.Customized service is also available with competitive price.
Suitable for industrial mass production of high viscosity materials.
Unique design, the spiral blade can ensure that the high-viscosity material flips up and down without creating a dead angle.
The closed structure prevents dust from flying and can also be equipped with a vacuum system.
The axial flow type has a certain axial circulation capability, and the radial splitting at the low speed and the radial splitting have a certain dispersing ability at high speed.
Suitable for dissolving, mixing and dispersing heat transfer operations.
Maintenance of The Double Screw Paddle Mixer:
Newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be inspected frequently.
Pay attention to whether the work of all parts of the machine is normal.
Pay attention to the degree of wear of the wear parts, and always pay attention to replace the worn parts.
Place the undercarriage plane of the mobile device to remove dust and other materials in time to avoid accidents.
Our Advantages:
With professional technicians, we have rich design and practical experience.
Targeted mixing design can be carried out according to the characteristics of different industries.
Work with a number of high-tech professional design institutes to ensure that technology and products are available to meet customer needs.