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Paddle Mixer

The paddle mixer is suitable for the mixing tank in the water supply and drainage works, the mixing of the reaction tank with various chemicals and the stirring of the reaction process. As an advanced and ideal machine at home and abroad, it has high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, long service life of lining and blade, convenient maintenance, etc.
The blades of the paddle mixer are made of flat steel, welded or bolted to the hub. It is suitable for mixing low viscosity liquids, suspensions and solutions.
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Construction and Workflow:
The paddle mixer consists of a stirring shaft, a stirring blade, a base and a drive.
When the raw water and the coagulant or coagulant liquid flow through the mixing tank, a flow cycle is generated under the action of the liquid discharging of the mixer, so that the coagulating agent and the water are quickly and thoroughly mixed to meet the requirements of the coagulation process.
Suitable for premixing, dispersing, coloring, etc. of all liquids.
High production efficiency, hydraulic lifting, flexible frame rotation.
When stirring and dispersing, the air is occluded very little, so that the material dissolves quickly and the particles become smaller.
Mixing effects are good.
This model is especially suitable for high-volume production.
It is widely used in the coating, fuel, ink, paper, adhesive, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries to stir, blend, dissolve and disperse two or more liquids and solid powders.
The paddle mixer should be placed in a flat position.
During the test run, check that the mixing drum speed is appropriate.
The direction of rotation of the mixing drum should be in accordance with the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is not true, the motor wiring should be corrected.
Check the transmission clutch and brake for flexibility and reliability. If damaged, replace it in time.
When the machine is not in use, it should be powered off, and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.