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Industrial Evaporator Product Features

- Jul 20, 2017 -

1, the evaporator diameter of φ200mm, height of about $number mm metal round basin.

2, the evaporator for the metal circular structure, inner wall should be smooth, the evaporator blade must not have burrs or scratches and other defects.

3, all contact with the water should be smooth, its mutual coordination or joint weld seam should be tight, firm, no seepage leakage phenomenon.

4, the evaporator 0, parts of the assembly should be correct, no loose, deformation and other effects of the use of defects.

5, the evaporator 0, the part of the protective layer should be firm, uniform, bright and clean, no delamination, rust and other defects.

6, the evaporator and installation framework should be easy to install, and can make the evaporator in normal use will not be driven off by wind.

7, Accessories: with engraved metric cup A, water storage device, one installation frame, one metal screen cover (anti-bird water, users can choose).

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