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Heat Transfer Coefficient Of YouTube Bundle Dryer

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The calculation of heat transfer coefficients can be attributed to the heat conduction of a tube bundle or a flat plate on a stirred granular bed. The data of the heat transfer coefficient of agitated bed are reported less in foreign countries. Calculation method of heat transfer coefficient of large rotary disc dryer. The heat transfer coefficient is calculated by using the method of moving heating plate, which is proposed by Schlunder. The theory is that the heat transfer between the moving heating surface and the dry granular bed is controlled by three mechanisms. The thermal resistance is mainly composed of the following three parts: (1) Heat transfer between heating wall and granule, (2) heat conduction in packed bed, (3) thermal convection in matrix due to particle motion. The total heat transfer coefficient can be calculated by adding the thermal resistance of each part. The calculation method of the actual heat transfer coefficient is also established for the tube-bundle dryer through a lot of experiments and macroscopic statistic analysis.

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