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Main parts of Dewatering press

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The main components of the dewatering machine are inner liner, with small holes around the inner gall bladder, and the clothes to be dehydrated are placed in the inner liner. The motor is driven by a belt to rotate the inner liner at high speed. So it produces a great centrifugal force, so that the water is dumped through the pores of the inner gall bladder, which is collected and discharged uniformly. Generally speaking, for wet clothing, dehydration machine work two minutes to achieve the same drying effect as the dryer work 20 minutes to achieve the same effect, but, the dehydration machine can not thoroughly dry clothes. Therefore, a time-saving and energy-saving approach is to wet clothes first dehydration [1] operation, the removal of water after the drying operation.

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