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Composition structure of YouTube bundle dryer

- Jul 20, 2017 -

(1) Host rotor system, this is the core of the dryer components, different dryers have different rotor structure. The rotor of a rotating tubular dryer is composed of a tube bundle formed by a hollow shaft, a sealing head and hundreds of pipes; the rotor of a rotary disc dryer is composed of a hollow shaft and a dozens of discs assembled on it. The rotor is supported at both ends of the operation: one end is a fixed bearing, and one end can swim freely and consume heat expansion. The rotor is surrounded by a board that is fixed on a shelf.

(2) transmission system, composed of main motor and deceleration system (cycloid reducer and gear deceleration two).

(3) Piping system, consisting of regulating valve, metal hose, swivel joint, etc.

(4) Exhaust air and dust removal system, fan exhaust fan, with wet method of dust collection and recovery of hot water and dust.

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