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Waste Heat Evaporator

The Jiangsu Grand Waste Heat Evaporator can recycle the low-quality steam, tail gas and hot water generated in other workshops or sections to provide heat source for the evaporator. It can be designed according to the actual situation. It can be washed with water tower, recovered with absorption tower, and flashed with hot water. Different waste heat recovery methods such as steam recovery. The waste heat evaporation system can not only reduce the energy cost caused by the use of raw steam, but also improve the energy utilization rate.
The waste heat evaporator makes the condensed water generated by the waste steam no longer enter the cold medium, completely guarantees the quality of the cold medium, does not have any influence on the subsequent production, and the technical content of the equipment is much higher than other products. The use of waste heat evaporation system can not only reduce the energy cost caused by the use of raw steam, the new process of waste heat evaporator, and improve the energy utilization rate.
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Equipment Components:
The evaporation equipment is: downstream, cross-flow, counter-current evaporation process, according to different material characteristics, using different evaporation processes and equipment materials. The realization of continuous feeding, waste heat evaporator working principle, continuous discharge, semi-automatic management, further optimization on the basis of the original process, greatly reducing the labor force to avoid improper operation caused by improper operation in the evaporation process.
Waste heat recovery, saving energy;
When the waste heat is long, the raw steam may not be used at all;
According to the actual working conditions, different ways of recycling are used to improve energy reuse;
It can be configured with multi-effect falling film, multi-effect forced circulation evaporation and even MVR evaporator;
From development, design, development, production, delivery, commissioning, the products are tested by scientific and strict quality management procedures.
Starch industry, starch deep processing industry, alcohol industry, dairy industry, paper industry, food industry, light chemical industry, heavy chemical industry, etc.