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MVR Evaporator

MVR evaporator is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving evaporation equipment mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It uses low-temperature and low-pressure steaming technology and clean energy to generate steam for energy, and separates the water in the medium. It is the international advanced evaporation technology. It is an upgraded product that replaces traditional evaporators.
Unlike ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporators, MVR evaporators combine multi-effect falling film evaporators, and adopt segmental evaporation according to the required product concentration. When the equipment starts, a part of the steam needs to be preheated. After the normal operation, the steam required is greatly reduced. During the process of pressurizing the secondary steam by the fan booster, the electric energy is converted into the heat of the steam, so the equipment needs to be operated. The steam is reduced and the amount of electricity required is greatly increased.
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Working Principle:
The MVR evaporator uses a compressor to increase the energy of the secondary steam, and utilizes the secondary steam that increases the energy to recover the latent heat of the secondary steam. Before entering the evaporator, the cold material absorbs the heat of the condensed water through the heat exchanger to raise the temperature, and also cools the condensate and the finished liquid, further improving the heat utilization rate.
Equipment components:
The equipment consists of single-effect evaporator, separator, compressor, vacuum pump, circulation pump, operating platform, electrical instrument control cabinet and valves, pipelines and other systems. The structure is simple and easy to operate and maintain.
The steam has been fully utilized to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.
There is no need for steam heating, and only proper electrical energy is required to maintain normal evaporation.
Since the heater is also a secondary steam condenser, no additional condenser is required and there is no need to circulate cooling water.
The operation is more stable and reliable, single-effect evaporation, small heating temperature difference, short residence time, suitable for heat sensitive materials.
The MVR evaporator is automatically operated by PLC control and can be continuously and stably operated for a long time.
It is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or solution in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other industries, and can be widely used in wastewater treatment in the above industries.