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Industrial Evaporator

Industrial evaporator uses energy-saving technologies that reuse the energy of the secondary steam they produce, thereby reducing the need for external energy. For industrial plants that need to expand the evaporation equipment to supply steam, water supply capacity is insufficient, and the site is not enough, especially in the case where low-temperature evaporation requires condensed water condensation, the use of this industrial evaporator can save investment and achieve better energy saving.
The industrial evaporator increases the pressure and temperature of the water vapor by mechanical compression. According to the air volume and compression requirements, different types of industrial evaporator are selected. The speed of the industrial evaporator is adjusted by the frequency converter. The evaporator speed can be adjusted according to actual needs.
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Compact in size, and the cooling system is omitted;
Low energy consumption per unit and low operating costs;
Less public facilities, less total investment in the project;
Smooth operation and high degree of automation;
No need for raw steam, low operating costs;
Low temperature difference makes the evaporation of the product mild;
Common single effect makes the product stay short;
The process is simple and practical;
Excellent partial load operation.
Technical Features:
The equipment realizes automatic operation through PLC control and can run continuously and stably for a long time.
It can be evaporated below 40 ° C without the need for refrigeration equipment, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.
The two-effect heat pump evaporation process takes into account the discharge temperature of the concentrated liquid to ensure that the concentrated liquid does not precipitate crystals.
The preheating portion is separated from the evaporation portion to increase the evaporation efficiency of the evaporator.
The grading and preheating of the raw liquid makes full use of the latent heat of the low temperature steam to improve the thermal efficiency.
Equipped with a temperature monitoring probe and a vibration probe to ensure long-term normal operation.
Industrial evaporators are widely used in the fields of chemicals, food, paper, medicine, seawater desalination and sewage treatment.