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Grinder Mill

Grinder mill is coated or embedded with abrasive. It is mainly used for grinding high-precision planes, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, thread surfaces and other profiles in workpieces. It is controlled by a stepless speed control system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts.
The control system of the grinder mill uses PLC as the control core, and the text display is the control mode of the human-machine dialogue interface. The man-machine dialogue interface can talk to people about equipment maintenance, operation, faults and other information. The operation interface is intuitive and convenient, program control and easy to operate. For all-round security considerations, misoperations in abnormal conditions are invalid. Real-time monitoring, faults, error alarms, and easy maintenance.
As a professional manufacturers of grinder mill, Jiangsu Grand warmly welcome you to shop quality and durable double grinder mill with competitive price for sale from us. Customized service is also available.
Driven by a variable speed motor and equipped with a high power deceleration system.
High processing precision and wide range of processing materials.
Save time, reduce labor, simple and safe operation, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Small size, beautiful appearance, no special vibration and low noise.
High safety, stable performance, clean and hygienic, extremely low loss and accurate adjustment of fineness.
Special grinding wheel design ensures grinding accuracy.
Made of stainless steel, in line with hygienic standards.
Suitable for the processing of beans, corn and other nut foods.
Before starting the machine, it must be checked that the connections of the various parts of the unit are good.
Check if the hammer has a good hole diameter or not.
After starting the machine, let the device idle for 2-3 minutes to check if the rotor is turning correctly.
Always pay attention to its operation during the work of the machine, and do not overload it for a long time.
After the use, clean and maintain the work in time.
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