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Germ Dewatering Press

The Germ Dewatering Press from Jiangsu Grand is based on relevant standards and combined with the actual use of different materials. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, high efficiency, small wear, low noise, safety and reliability, and can be widely applied to: dehydration of food, vegetables, fruits, crops and the like.
Its entire body is supported on the base by a spring. The perforated plate is slightly inclined toward the discharge end, and a vibration motor is mounted on one side or both sides of the body. The material is fluidized by the action of mechanical vibration and perforated airflow and moves forward under vibration.
Jiangsu Grand is a professional manufacturers of germ dewatering press. We offer quality and durable germ dewatering press for sale at a competitive price. Also, we offer customized service.
Working Principle:
The water contained in the object is dried by a high-speed rotation using a centrifugal method such as rotation of the inner cylinder.
It consists of a base, motor, centrifugal clutch, brake and other components;
The outer casing and the inner casing are made of high-quality stainless steel, the inner surface is hard and smooth, and it has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and convenient cleaning;
The main shaft is made of high quality solid steel and adopts double bearing combination.
The bearing is located in the taper of the dewatering bin to ensure stable operation to reduce wear and save power.
Adopts independent motor and is driven by triangular tape.
Equipped with centrifugal starting flange and the mechanical start is slow, and the braking efficiency is high.
The manual brake can make the drum stop quickly, which can avoid the spindle being subjected to torque due to braking;
The three-legged pendulum frame can avoid the vibration of the foot caused by the imbalance of the load inside the drum; the outlet pipe is below the base, and the water pipe and the sink can be drained.
Additional Instructions:
Due to the different specific gravity of various materials, the actual capacity is subject to actual conditions;
The frequency conversion speed regulation and explosion-proof motor can be customized according to the customer's material requirements;
Can be customized according to the needs of the fixture, flat bottom, basket centrifugal dewatering machine.