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Fiber Dewatering Press

The main component of the fiber dewatering press is a stainless steel inner tank with small holes around the inner liner, and the clothes to be dehydrated are placed in the stainless steel inner tank. The motor drives the stainless steel inner tank to rotate at a high speed through a belt. As a result, a large centrifugal force is generated, and the moisture is thus taken out through the small holes in the inner tank, and is collected and discharged uniformly. Its control part adopts imported variable frequency speed control. A reasonable access device is available. It is the first in China and has a large capacity, low energy consumption and perfect anti-shock, timing, automatic and safety control system.
The fiber dewatering press has the characteristics of stable start-up, adjustable separation factor, large capacity, high efficiency, simple operation, quick discharge, good safety performance, clean environment and low labor intensity. It also significantly reduces the labor intensity, quick discharge, easy to clean the filter bag, improves production efficiency, and avoids contamination and dispersal of the finished product due to manual unloading.
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Structural Features:
The three-legged pendulum structure can effectively reduce the vibration of the foot generated during operation due to the imbalance of the load in the hub.
The outer casing is made of stainless steel or steel. The rotor hub is made of stainless steel. The cage base and the chassis are made of cast iron. The outlet pipe is below the chassis.
The spindle is made of high quality steel and heat treated.
The transmission part is driven by triangular tape, and the centrifugal starting wheel is directly driven by the motor, which can make the machine start slowly and gradually reach the design speed to ensure the smooth running of the machine.
There is a brake opening and closing arm in the machine, and the braking performance is good, which can make the machine stop quickly.
It is suitable for extracting juices such as grapes, alfalfa, aloe vera, pomegranate, medicinal materials, tea and other fruits and vegetables containing more fiber to achieve solid-liquid separation.
Use Instructions:
The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and operation of the fiber dewatering press.
Turn the hub several turns before driving to check the operation of the hub.
The feeding should be evenly distributed to avoid excessive vibration caused by excessively large machine vibration.
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