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Dewatering Press

As a professional dewatering press manufacturer, we determine the equipment selection and configuration requirements according to the production process and capacity requirements, and make requirements and instructions for the important components, options, and necessary configurations of the equipment, which is beneficial to users. Invest in equipment that is more cost effective.
The Dewatering Press has a simple structure and convenient operation, and the operation steps can be arbitrarily adjusted according to requirements, the filter residue can be fully washed, the solid phase particles are not easily damaged, and the adaptability is strong.
You can find professional manufacturers of dewatering press on We warmly welcome you to shop quality and durable dewatering press with competitive price for sale with us. Customized service is also available.
It is suitable for the drying of loose materials without coagulation.
The structure is simple, the production capacity is large, and the heat efficiency is high.
The object is evenly heated, has sufficient heat exchange, and has high drying strength.
It is driven by vibration motor, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.
The fluidization is uniform, and there is no dead space and blow-through phenomenon, and a uniform dry product can be obtained.
The adjustability is good, the adaptable surface width, the thickness of the material layer and the moving speed in the machine and the full amplitude change can realize stepless adjustment.
It has little damage to the surface of the material and can be used for the drying of fragile materials. When the material particles are irregular, the working effect is not affected.
The fully enclosed structure effectively prevents cross-infection of materials and outside air, and the working environment is clean.
Equipped with a centrifugal starting flange, and has high braking efficiency, this dewatering press is widely used in chemical, light industry, textile, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mining, rare earth, environmental protection and other industries.
The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and operation of the machine.
It is not allowed to put in the material during the operation of the machine.
If abnormal phenomena are found during operation, the power should be cut off immediately for inspection.
No items can be placed on the top cover to avoid accidents after starting the machine.
If the drum is frozen or has a hard material, the machine cannot be started.